Simply amazing attorney. Thank you!

Today I received my green card after 12 years of being in the U.S. This is the best news our family has received in a long time, and without Anu Gupta’s expertise, this would not have been possible. She was simply amazing!

- Sathish, November 4, 2011

Anu is the best at what she does.

Anu, we owe a big thanks to you. Thank you so very much for being so supportive and helpful in times of need. We are so fortunate to have you to handle our case. You worked your best to make us feel assured, addressed all ours concerns and did more than you promised to do.

Thanking you once again!

- Krishna K - IT Consultant

Seasoned attorney who understands the nuances of immigration laws very well and uses it to win cases.

I highly recommend Anu. She is a seasoned attorney who understands the nuances of immigration laws very well, and she uses that knowledge to win cases. I have known Anu for almost eight years. She did my H1s and then my green card. Though she was my company’s attorney, she was always reachable when we had concerns. She also took the time to listen and gave us solid, long-term advice that had our immigration processed smoothly and on time.

Recently my wife had a major problem. She was dropping my daughter off at school when she hit a car while backing out of the parking lot. Since the windows were fogged and inside the car was very cold, they had the heater blower at maximum, and that noise was little loud, so she and my daughter did not realize that my wife had bumped the other car. The police told us it was a hit-and-run and filed a court case against my wife in criminal court.

I talked to several local attorneys before calling Anu. Even though she was not local, she remembered me and volunteered to help. Also, her fees were extremely reasonable. She called the District Attorney’s office and negotiated a deal with them. She got the charges knocked down so my wife will not have any problems with our green card. Through all of this, we were very stressed out but we knew we were in good hands with Anu.

Anu, from bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you so much for all your help! We could not have been in better hands.

- K. Chockalingam

Looking for a calm, knowledgeable, experienced immigration attorney? Anu is your answer.

She patiently listens to you and tries to understand your situation, and then she presents the best solution. I didn’t have to be online for a long time to know I am going to hire her for future work on my case.

- Manish U

The only confidence I had throughout the NOID battle: “Anu is handling the case and I will get my green card.” Thank you!

Thanks for all your help in getting my green card. I was thinking that it was almost impossible to get my GC when I first saw the NOID on my already approved I-140. But the way you dealt with answering the query was awesome, and that took me to next step –an interview at the local center. Once again, the way you prepared me for the interview was amazing. The only confidence I had throughout this battle is, “Anu is handling the case and I will get my GC.” And the result of my belief: I got the GC last week. Thank you for your patience for answering all my calls. Thanks for your excellent support for the last seven months in answering queries and giving me the confidence.

I will surely recommend my friends when they need immigration-related help!

- SY, Senior Engineer, California

Zealous advocacy leads to “legal” status when transfer H1 issued without I-94. 

Shortly after my previous employer filed an H1B extension on my behalf, I switched jobs. My H1 was expiring. Ms. Gupta’s office filed my H1B transfer petition. Unknown to us, my previous employer withdrew the previous H1 extension petition. We were horrified to find out two months later that my H1 for the new employer was approved, but the I-94 was not issued.

CIS claimed I was out of status for over six months now (since the previous H1 expired), so now I was not only without a job, but I needed to leave the U.S. immediately and faced the possibility of not being able to reenter the U.S. because of out of status stay. My employer had just paid a lot of money for the visa and really needed me to continue on the project.

Ms. Gupta was relentless in helping me and my employer overcome this very tense situation. She called, emailed and literally hounded the CIS. She also got my new employer to talk to the CIS several times and walked him through what to present to them. We finally got the CIS to approve the case from the date we filed and with a I-94. I did not have to leave the country!

Even greater was my relief to have confirmation that I was not out of status! It was such a huge relief knowing that Ms. Gupta was on my side doing whatever was necessary to solve this very messy situation. I will recommend her to all my friends.

- SD- High Tech Worker, California

Thanks Anuji. I really do not have the right words to say other than a true “thank You.”

My deepest appreciation for all you did through the years as a wonderful law firm and, more importantly, as the wonderful people you are. Your commitment to help us on our immigration matter with added assistance – without your immense help, we could not have achieved our green card. I really do not have the right words to say other than a true “Thank You.”

- CR, Engineer

Corporate partner for over eight years. Handles all our immigration cases. 

Ms. Gupta goes out of her way to explain complex cases and legal interpretations in a way that both my employees and I can understand completely. Ms. Gupta has partnered with Sierrasonic since we started eight years ago and has handled all of our immigration cases. As an employer, we recommend her highly since we got approvals on complex cases because of her expertise. Also, one of the most comforting things about our relationship is Ms. Gupta’s superior customer service. She goes out of her way to explain complex cases and law interpretations in a way that that both my employees and I can understand completely. She is extremely responsive. I know I can talk to Ms. Gupta at any time of the day, which is great when we encounter challenging immigration situations. She makes my employees feel special, listening to every detail of their unique situations. I’ve had numerous employees tell me, “Anu is the right lawyer for me.”

- RK, President, Sierrasonic Inc

Our company’s immigration attorney from the start. No one else we value and trust more. She puts more time in my day.

We have worked with Ms. Gupta since we started our company years ago. I like her persistence and perseverance. She does not give up till the case is finally approved. She has patiently responded to complicated requests from the CIS with creativity and skill. Ms. Gupta is patient when helping employees understand immigration laws and showing how she can help them overcome complex situations. She handles all of our immigration and non-immigration issues because there is no one else we value and trust more. Her office has top of the line technology – years ahead of other law firms – which helps me greatly because I’m on the run constantly. She puts more time in my day.

- V Padgaonkar- Director, V3IT Inc.

Extremely valued advisor and “go-to” resource for our company. Has the knowledge and skill to handle any level of complexity.  

Ms. Gupta filed our first visa and has been our attorney since – a period of over 10 years. I consider her an extremely valued advisor and “go-to” resource for all our immigration needs. She always finds the time to talk and has the knowledge and skill to handle any level of complexity. Her advice is always timely and has helped our company avoid a lot of potential pitfalls that IT companies face. She keeps abreast of developing laws, and over the years, she has helped us plan ahead so we could minimize costs and derive the maximum benefit from changing immigration scenarios.

- R. Gutta, Director/President at Key Business Solutions

We never felt like a case with you, and we are forever appreciative.

You actually cared. You were willing to take on a challenge that others wouldn’t. My wife and I cannot thank you enough for your legal expertise, your willingness to take on a challenge that others wouldn’t and your guidance throughout the process. We never felt like a “case” with you. You actually cared about us, and we are forever appreciative.

- SNair., Manager at Cisco

She talks to you as if you are her only client, and her professional approach rests all your concerns. I would recommend everyone talk to Anu at least once and take note of the difference compared to other attorneys.

I would recommend to each and everyone that needs advice on immigration matters to talk to Anu at least one time and take note of the difference compared to other attorneys. Anu Gupta has been handling our personal and company cases from the first L1 and subsequent H1B, to filing for our green card to citizenship. What differentiates Anu from other attorneys is not only does she have extremely thorough knowledge of immigration but that she handles each case with total professionalism and a human touch. Whenever we are anxious or needed guidance, all questions were handled either through email or conference call with great professional attitude and passion. When you talk to Anu, she talks to you as if you are her only client, and her professional approach rests all your concerns.

- Rattan S, Owner, Manager, Raddison Hotel, WI

Excellent track record. No hassles. Reasonable. Available. We highly recommend her.

Anu has helped our company for the past 12 years for all our immigration matters. She is a professional immigration lawyer with an excellent track record. No hassle and headache, she handles all immigration matters with utmost care, and she gives importance to each individual case. She made the job simpler for us. She is also very reasonable and can be reached anytime round the clock. We are very much satisfied with her job, and we highly recommend Anu for all immigration-related matters.

- Bala P, Alabama

EB1 Outstanding Researcher Petition approved for small research firm after RFE.

I highly recommend working with Anu on U.S. immigration issues. Anu has done a great job for me on a number of my applications. Especially, Anu has done an excellent job with my Outstanding Researcher petition, which was successfully approved after her intelligent judgments on how to prepare my case and responding to the RFE. She has guided me throughout this petition process. She has helped me in choosing the experts/scientists for recommendation, helping in preparation of these letters and suitably highlighting my research background, which resulted in getting approval of my petition. She and her staff at Immigration Desk were very patient and available most of the time I needed them, with and without appointments. She has done my other petitions successfully as well, such as H1B approval and EB2 PERM and I-140 approvals. I am really happy to recommend Anu for EB1 and EB2 petitions.

- SM, Senior Scientist/Researcher, Colorado

Thank you for your continuous help, support and advice. My EB2 labor and I-140 were approved in two weeks!  

I want to thank you for your continuous help, support and advice for past four and half year journey of getting our green cards. I am very glad to tell you that we got our green cards last week! My wife and I were very fortunate to have you as our immigration attorney as you prepared our documentation very meticulously; consequently, my both labor and I-140 were approved in two weeks with out any RFE. Unlike some attorney’s from big-name firms, you were always readily accessible and provided personal attention to our concerns. In particular, I appreciate your advice during our interview for adjustment of status and during job change on EAD. I have referred some of my friends and they also had very good experiences with you.

- A. Jain, Senior Engineer, California

For our consulting company, Anu has not only been a competent lawyer but also a legal mentor. Easy to contact. Always available. Gives advice that is best for our business.

Anu Gupta, for our consulting company, has been both a competent lawyer and a legal mentor. Even though we work long-distance with her, she is easy to contact and always available either by email or phone. She takes the time to listen carefully, understand the situation, research thoroughly and give us advice that is best for our business. Her professionalism and guidance are a great help to our business. We are glad to use her services and highly recommend her.

- P. Srivastava, Graviton Consulting

Best in class service. 

I worked with Anu and her team from Immigration Desk. They provided best in class service; very professional and quick response to my queries. Anu and her team were very courteous and provided guidance from time to time. I would recommend them to all my friends who may need any immigration help.

- Satish, Senior Software Engineer, California

Outstanding in handling EB3 to EB2 conversion.

Anu’s expertise and knowledge in handing all my immigration matters have been outstanding. She was very proactive in understanding every detail of my case. In these tough times of backlogs in immigration, I was in need of a very good attorney who could expedite every step of the immigration process, and Anu was there in every stage of this process to help me get through it. I can’t thank her enough.

- Sathish, Senior Software Engineer, CA

Got I-140 re-opened and approved. Thank you!

Anu did my H1B and green card processing. My I-140 was denied for ability to pay as I applied as a future employee for a small company. She filed a Motion to Reopen the case and wrote a detailed letter to the USCIS with details on why the case should be approved. Eventually my I-140 was approved. In all this process, she was very helpful and approachable and was always available. She answered all my calls and replied all my emails. Thank you very much for your kind help.

- R. Movva, Engineer

Corporate immigration attorney. Diligent and thorough. Persists to get the necessary approvals.

Anu provides immigration services to our company. She is diligent and thorough in her knowledge of the new H1B process. She is very accessible to review the case in detail and persistent in the follow-up to get necessary approvals.

- C. Chakicherla, President, Cellulant