Areas of special expertise and attention

  • Provide second opinion on RFEs and Denials
    with discussions on viable, cost-effective and timely alternatives.
  • Conduct in-house audits to verify I-9, LCAs, worksite compliance issues and H1B dependent employer obligations.
  • Provide practical guidance and visa options
    when H1B visa holders overstay visas or are
    out of status (employers do not file for visa extensions or when the employment is terminated).
  • Counsel clients on the impact of DUI/shoplifting or miscellaneous criminal arrests or convictions. Negotiate with the State/Federal District Attorney offices to minimize sentences so the immigration statutes are not negatively impacted.
  • Respond to USCIS requests for further evidence, including aggressively responding to RFEs based on the December memos and the Nuefeld Memo to get petitions approved.
  • Counsel and filing of Appeals and Motions to Reopen before the Service and the Administrative Appeals Unit. File in federal court when needed.
  • Correspond and negotiate with consulates to respond to 221(g) letters and employees stuck indefinitely due to security/background checks.
  • Negotiate with border officers when employees returning from overseas trips are stopped by the border officer.
  • Respond to the Department of Labor PERM audit notices, handle issues caused by layoffs while PERM applications are pending, handle Appeals when necessary and supervise recruitment after PERM denials.
  • Handle Department of Labor, USCIS, ICE onsite and offsite visits, investigations, LCA obligations and I-9 audits.
  • Monitor files and send email reminders to ensure all deadlines for extensions are met.

Corporate Immigration

  • Process temporary and permanent residence applications based on employment. File Non Immigrant Visas including H1B1, H1, H2, Inter-company transferee visas (L1A and L1B),  investor visas (E1, E2) work visas for Australians (E3), temporary visas (B1 and B2); Exceptional people (O category), TN visas under NAFTA.
  • File permanent residency petitions in the EB1, EB2, EB3 and investor categories.
  • File PERM labor certifications.
  • Help family members obtain dependent visas, student F1 visas and work permits.
  • File extensions, change of status and provide guidance and handle all levels
    of fraud inquiries at consulates overseas.
  • Aid in international travel including corresponding with BCP/Customs/ICE officers to ensure employees can travel without undue delay or harassment.
  • File EB1 green cards with sponsorship/NIWs for researchers, scientists and exceptional ability individuals.
  • Work with consulates to allow client inclusion into Business Executive Programs.

Related Corporate Services

  • Advise and establish U.S. offices for foreign/multinational corporations including filing for incorporations, branch offices, subsidiaries and affiliate entities. Advise on state, federal and city laws, regulations and local ordinances pertaining to newly formed businesses.
  • Negotiate and review business contracts. 

Services Overseas

  • Aid corporate clients in migrating offices or opening branch offices in several
    Asian countries including setting up the offices and complying with all legal requirements.
  • Negotiate contracts with Foreign Service provider on behalf of U.S. clients.
  • Aid U.S. employees being sent overseas by obtaining visas for work in
    Asian countries.

Health Care Immigration

  • Help medical residents obtain J1 and H1B visas and apply for J1 visa waivers.
  • File NIV Waivers for physicians, correspond with waiver sponsors.
  • Assist (through offices and affiliates in Asia) client health care facilities in facilitating immigration of nurses, physical therapists and other health care workers as required.
  • Secure green cards and temporary visas for nurses and physical therapists.

General Immigration

  • Prepare family-based permanent residence petitions, fiancé visas, apply
    for work-permits.
  • Contest adjustment of status denials, file hardship waivers.
  • File for citizenship, help prepare for the interview and accompany clients
    to the interview.