Anu Gupta Personal Bio

Everything I do personally and professionally is driven by the simple work ethic my family instilled in me at a very young age: Believe in helping others. Work hard to be the best at what you believe in.

For 33 years, my father served as Chief Eye Surgeon and Medical Head of one of India’s largest eye hospitals. Growing up, I spent many holidays at “eye camps” in remote parts of India where my father worked 16 hour days to provide free medical services to those in need.

As children, education was a priority in our home. We studied at some very good schools in the country: While I studied at a boarding school in Dehradun, my younger siblings attended Modern School and Delhi Public School in New Delhi. All through our childhood we were taught to excel, and to do so, we needed to work as long and as hard as required. When I evaluate a case, my father’s words still ring in my ears:

A good surgeon knows the complications that may arise. An excellent surgeon knows how to handle complications. But a surgeon only reaches the top when he knows how to take care of problems before he starts, so complications never arise. You must work as hard and learn everything you can so you get that good.

Believing in helping others and knowing the value of working hard inspired us to aim high, and to work till we achieved our goals – so much so that at the age of 17, I wrote a full-length novel, then earned a silver medal for academics from Delhi University the next year  (the award was presented by Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharma, later, the President of India).

At the age of 20, I left India – without my family – for the United States. I wanted to test my mettle. I had $20 in my pocket and a place to stay. My first job was at a ten-dollars-and-under store. While finishing my undergraduate degree at DePaul University, I had to be at work every Saturday at 6 a.m. Since there wasn’t train service at my station that early on weekends, I woke up at 5 a.m. on those wintry Chicago mornings and walked through many a blizzard to get to the nearest train station to be at work on time at 6:00. In that one year, I had two jobs to support myself. Simultaneously, I also completed 110 credit hours, successfully completing the remainder of my Bachelors degree in one year (the course-load was over two times full-time student course load), received A’s in every class but one, took the LSATs, applied for and was accepted to DePaul University College of Law.

During those early years, I often thought of my comfortable home and the family I left behind in India. But I did not go back. We have all come to the United States for different reasons, but we are all here chasing a dream. I know that dream very well. I have worked very hard to achieve it.

As Immigration Desk grows, I have tried to instill my personal belief, in working tirelessly to help our clients, into our corporate culture and practices. We, at Immigration Desk believe:

Our Guiding Principals

  • Law is a noble profession. Like my father, I believe it is my duty to help my clients to the best of my ability, as it is my responsibility to serve the community I represent. I will be honest and ethical with my clients and vendors.
  • Clients are not cases – they are people I have the privilege to help. I will treat you with respect and take the time to listen fully before offering advice.
  • I understand where you come from and what you want to achieve. I have lived your journey. I understand that my advice will affect parts of your life outside of the immigration issue before me. I will practice law with experience and wisdom, keeping in mind both your short-term needs and long-term goals.
  • I will provide best-in-class service at a fair price. I will not bill by the hour, but for the service provided.
  • I believe that the difference between “very good” and “being the best” is a willingness to devote the necessary time to get the desired result. I will go above and beyond when required. The word “no” is an unacceptable response as long as options are still available, both traditional or outside the box.
  • I will work very hard every single day to be the best attorney I can be, and I will fight for you, my clients, to help make your immigration dreams a reality.

While these are my guiding principles, everyone at Immigration Desk demonstrates them with the same conviction I do.

I share all of this for one reason: I want you to know that everyone at Immigration Desk  understands your personal journey because we have all experienced and survived the very same challenges you are going through as an immigrant. We are connected to you because we are all on similar journeys. I also want you to know that we will work as hard as needed to help you. It is our privilege to work for you.

I thank you for choosing Immigration Desk to represent you.