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Welcome to Immigration Desk. We are a United States-based law firm focused on helping individuals and business fulfill their immigration objectives. We help businesses hire foreign workers, help entrepreneurs invest and establish their companies in the U.S., and help families reunite. 

You landed on this site either by referral from a trusted associate or while searching for a trustworthy and results-oriented U.S. Immigration law firm. Regardless of how you found us, we are glad you did.

Why Us?

 Let’s get right to the point: Why should you choose us to represent you?

In the words of our Managing Attorney, Anu Gupta:

I have practiced law for almost 20 years now. I believe in always giving more than you expect, in taking the time to listen to your concerns, and in providing legal advice that is practical, in a friendly, non-judgmental environment. My team is committed to going the extra mile so you are able to operate your business with the least disruption from immigration processes, and that you, as an individual immigrant, stay legal and meet your immigration aims. With our state of the art technology, we ensure that your timelines can be met. Our fees are fair and affordable, and our staff is courteous, timely and efficient. For your convenience, we offer volume discounts and a tiered fee structure.

We keep abreast of latest laws to make sure you are in compliance with all regulatory requirements so filing visas is a routine and simple process for you. At the same time, we do not hesitate to accept – and will win – challenging cases that require us to think outside the box. We are respectful of the agencies as partners in the process, but will aggressively fight for you when there is need. When you need us to stand up for you, we do NOT take no for an answer.

I have personally been consulted on, filed or supervised several thousand immigration petitions. Out of the cases our office has filed, in some years, we have received approvals in over 99% of the cases. This is one of the highest approval rates for visa and green card filings by a law practice. The reason for our success: Every petition is closely supervised by an experienced immigration attorney. You talk to an attorney who exclusively practices immigration law when you need legal advice, and you can depend on our experience and wisdom to resolve your concerns.

Our team at Immigration Desk really does make immigration easy!

On this site, we have provided a wealth of free information collected from our archives and from other sources.** We hope it helps you navigate the challenging and ever-changing landscape of U.S. Immigration Laws. If we can help make the process easier for you, it would be our pleasure. Please contact us by emailing or telephoning 800-688-7892. To enter a draw to have your question answered free of charge, please submit your questions through “Ask Anu.”

I thank you for your time, and I look forward to working with you.

Anu Gupta
Managing Attorney

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Question of the week

Q: First Name Unknown (FNU)/Last Name Unknown (LNU)
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